Don’t leave the key in the lock while on holiday

Home safety and security service providers said they frequently come across instances of residents neglecting safety in spite of being aware of the consequences such negligence could lead to.

Lock all entry points

“You’d be surprised how many times our security team comes across homes with keys still dangling in the lock. Another area of carelessness that many fall victim to from time to time is a general lack of observation. People do not realise there are many entry points to their home; and they leave them open. For instance many do not bolt in their window ACs tightly,” Tej B. Raj Lohia, Managing Director of Eagle Hunters Security, told XPRESS.

“The first thing you need to do is inform your neighbours when you go on vacation or ask a family who lives nearby to keep a watch. Besides, you need to ensure that all entry points to your home are properly locked, use a high quality knob-in-lock set with a dead latch mechanism and ideally, affix an intruder alarm system,” said Lohia.

However, most residents do not pay due attention to security. “In apartments, people who don’t put up screens or dividers on their balconies make their homes easily accessible to thieves who can come in from the neighbouring balcony.”