Skill development

We offer the services of both armed as well as unarmed security guards to our clients. Their primary role is to guard the premises as well as the people present in that premises against thefts, criminal acts, emergencies like fire and others. A security guard should have a good moral character, healthy habits, good grooming, physically fit,mentally strong, intelligent and committed. These skills needs to be groomed time to time so we offer them training in our different high tech training centers and prepare them to fight against all odds and provide their best services to the clients.

We have a full fledged security training academy at Bhondsi, Haryana where we can accommodate 200 trainees at a time. Moreover we are in the process of setting up of 5 more training academies in the near future and we are also in the process of developing a Homeland security academy for professionals with affiliation from HAIFA University of Israel where the faculty will comprise of leading security professionals from India and Israel. Since we provide our staff for various services, our service portfolio requires attention to details. We begin our training program after selection of candidates from various countries. They have to undergo indepth job training along with emphasis on customer care, service hygeine and grooming.

Social responsibility

Our Team is committed to the activities which promote social awareness in the society whether it may be sports, academics, arts or literature.

Moreover we are also committed towards providing any help in whichever way it may be possible during any natural calamity around the world.