Security and manned guarding services

We offer security guards and manned guarding services across a vast range of sectors and throughout the country. Security guards are available for various seevices in varous sectors such as:

  • Real estate
  • Industial sites
  • Financial institutions
  • IT sector
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Logistics
  • Telecom

We provide Armed guards, Unarmed guards, computer literate guards, personal security guards and ex servicemen security personnel’s. Apart from these we also provide cleaners, dog handlers, front desk helpers, life guards, office boys.

Some of the duties being performed by the include

  • Security patrols
  • Vehicle control
  • vehicle loading and checking
  • Security of vehicles
  • First aid and fire fighting

All the guards are well trained at our well equipped training centres which provide high tech training to around 200 trainees at any given time.

In future we are trying to establish a homeland security academy for professionals which will be affiliated to HAIFA University of Israel where the faculty will comprise of leading security professionals from India and Israel.

Electronic security services

First of all, we should try to understand the role of electronic security system in today’s world. It relates to leveraging innovation in defensive holding by anticipating unapproved access to individual and property.

We provide to our customers full supprt through electronic devices such as CCTv cameras and alarms for fire detection and other mishappenings which may cause threat to the life and property of any indivisual.

But the most important thing is proper handling of these equipments so that they can help provide proper safety and security and that too at the right time to our clients. For this purpose we have a qualified and competitive team for its proper installation and after servicing.

security guard watching video monitoring surveillance security system

Highway tolls and Route management services

We offer a flexible, secured and user friendly system that include all features of toll operations. Its prime objective is to reduce or to nullify any revenue leakages.

We also offer risk and incident support, evaluation management and reportng through our unique incident management system.

We provide assistance in case of:

  • Accidents
  • Mechanical faults
  • Towing
  • Security
  • Route assistance

Telecom infrastructure management and security

In today’s world the need of telecommunication has increased to such a large extent that it has made the networks more complex, and for such complex systems there is always a need for its security but security has been traditionally perceived as a cost center but the long term implications for not securing the networks may be drastic.

There are various threat in the telecom networks some of the examples are:

  • Attack on the vulnerabilities which were left out during the development ofvthe network.
  • Illegal attack on the network exploiting signals and other weaknesses in the network.
  • Attacks on personal data leading to its loss.
  • Attack on infrastructure components.

And many more threats such as these.

To counter these attacks we offer a fully tested secured system which is being developed by our most skilled and competitive team to nullify such threats to our clients.

Telecom Infrstaructure Management

Cash in transit

We offer our customers full support in transporting cash in a fully secured environment with the help of our experience and expertise in the industry. These services are carried out by the security personnel’s who are highly trained and experts in the field. Our cash carrying vehicles are the most sophisticated and secured in the industry and are under constant surveillance.

We guarantee a secured and convenient collection and timely delivery of cash. We reduce the risks and increase the safety of our client’s valuables.

Cash-in Transit

Executive protection

We offer our executive protection or personal protection services through are protection agents commonly known as bodyguards who have got vast experience in corporate and military services. Our bodyguards rely on advanced threat assessment techniques to identify potential risks to the life of our clients so that they can help our clients feel safe and lead a stress free and risk free life.

Executive Protection

Survey and security audits

Our team of professionals is responsible for security surveys and audits at the sites. It pinpoints the vulnerabilities and various other threats in the security systems. A comprehensive report is being prepared which provides recommendations regarding structure and personnel’s. No detail is left untouched whether it is electronic safety, security personnel, emergency plans, parking, lighting etc. Such reports and audits are being performed after regular intervals of time which help us to give proper security to our client.


Investigation and detection services

We at Eagle Hunters believe that man being most curious in nature tries to go deep into investigations. As the technology advances so are the techniques of investigation and detection.

Our highly skilled staff investigates one’s personal identification as well as corporate verification. Our team retrieves each and every smallest details about the subject in question.

Strategic planning and consultation services:

Almost all firms understand the role of strategic planning but many fail to understand the use of technology in it. We at Eagle Hunters try to help our client to identify his firm’s objectives and try to help him grow and achieve those objectives. We offer to them the complete SWOT analysis of their business and also the best suitable marketing plan for their firm. We also hrlp the client to compare the firm’s investments and offers them the directions to form a vision and strategy to maximise returns on firm’s investments.

Disaster management

We at Eagle Hunter Solution make our clients understand to be aware about the vulnerabilities of disaster management because being unaware can be dangerous and life threatening.

Accordingly we develop plans for all phases of an emergency. We also try to help the executives take quick and necessary decisions for which we provide them with proper training time to time as the skill needs to be refreshed, refined and learned. We try to teach them the planning for resource procurement which can help them in the times of emergency.

Other Services

  • Security Guards
  • IT Solutions
  • Life Guards
  • Housekeeping
  • Clerical Receptionists
  • Concierge Services
  • Executive Protection
  • Home Alarms
  • Facility Management (EH-MBM)
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Strategic Planning and Consultancy Services
  • Manpower on Demand
  • Event Management & Security
  • Vigilant Dog Squad