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Executive protection or close protection is one of the most searched for security service among high profile individuals on various occasions, events, meetings, public appearances etc. across the globe.
At Eagle Hunter Solutions Limited, we provide uniquely designed and customized security protection services and solutions for safety, security and facilitation of celebrities, public figures, politicians, dignitaries, expats, high network individuals, socialites etc. along with their families.
Each of our executive protection or close protection service consists of various, well-planned, superiorly knitted and tailored safety and risk mitigation measures which need to be followed by the team.

These measures are specifically designed to shield and safeguard the individuals who could be subjected to inflated general, private or public threats. These risks or potentially provoking and dangerous situations could be a part of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations or geographical location etc.

The plan initiated and implemented by Eagle Hunters majorly consists of the relevant amount of surveillance tools, security protection guards and mesh of high-end technology, protecting and catering to the needs and requirements of existing & potential clients.

Below listed is the scope of security protection services provided at Eagle Hunter Solutions Limited:

1. Threat Assessment, Security Planning & Advisory

2. Close Protections for Executives, Dignitaries, Celebrities and their Families

3. Executive Travel Management & Support

4. Security During Meetings/Events

5. A Logistic & Technical Support